ForgeFed is an upcoming federation protocol for enabling interoperability between version control services. It’s built as an extension to the ActivityPub protocol, allowing users of any ForgeFed-compliant service to interact with the repositories hosted on other instances.

The goal of the project is to support all of the major activities connected to project management, including bug reports, merge requests, and notifications across instances.

Why ForgeFed?

The current state of code collaboration is dominated by centralized, proprietary platforms. Free alternatives to these platforms exist (for example NotABug and Pagure) but they do not solve the problem of centralization.

This project tries to address exactly this problem. Our wish is to devise a free and standardized mechanism for enabling collaboration across any version control platform.

Project status

The best way to keep track of our progress is to follow us on the Fediverse. Our roadmap is here. You can join our chat using Matrix or on Libera.Chat at #forgefed.

We publish specification drafts, implement them in our reference implementation, and publish demos that demonstrate ForgeFed federation features.

As of June 2022: After a long period of inactivity, new people are joining the team and federation is being implemented in Gitea. There are also new projects such as ForgeFriends, which are implementing ForgeFed.


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