Federated Invites in Vervis

2023-06-19 by Pere Lev

Vervis has already had for a while the ability to add collaborators to resources (repos, issue trackers, PR trackers). However:

What I've now done:


How to see invites in action:

  1. If you want to play with things, create accounts on the demo instances (fig, grape, walnut). If you just want to browse, no account is needed, and you can take a loot at the demo tracker I just created
  2. Once you're logged in, the homepage has a Create a new ticket tracker link, use it to create a tracker
  3. The homepage now lists the tracker, with the Admin role, which you've been automatically given
  4. The newly created tracker has a Outbox link where you can see its activities; One of them is a the Grant activity that gives you Admin access - it's the "capability" you use when performing actions on the tracker such as closing or reopening issues
  5. You should also see a bell icon at the top left, with 2 new notifications: One is the Grant, the other is the tracker accepting your (automatically-sent) Follow
  6. The tracker also has a collaborators link, where you're the only one listed
  7. You can try removing yourself, you'll get a message saying you can't remove yourself
  8. The tracker also has a Invite link where you can add a collaborator; this will work only if you have the Admin role in the tracker
  9. The homepage has an Invite someone to a resource link, which allows to add remote collaborators by their actor UI, to local or even remote resources (such as an issue/ticket tracker) by specifying their URI; This also requires to paste the URI of that Grant activity we saw in the tracker's outbox

Among those 6 standard roles, perhaps the 2 least-access ones deserve some explanation. These roles are:

Why do these roles exist?